Created Feb 17, 2010


Common sense is not so common - Voltaire more

Gedde formerly resided in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, the bastion of progressivism in the otherwise largely conservative state of Washington. Like many transplants to the area, he arrived on the waves of irrational exhuberance in the mid-1990s that was the "Internet Boom".

A "Reagan" Republican in his youth (mostly due to ignorance and selfish-interest in Military pay raises), he's spent most of the intervening years trying to atone for that period of political immorality. A keen reader of all things news and opinion, Gedde has become increasingly interested in commenting on topics that interest him, namely politics and fools, a near perfect union of two groups.

Gedde is a software professional and enjoys 1980′s music, Opera, cycling, motorcycles, microbrews, classic cinema, all things William Powell, Netflix and his Roku.

Gedde now resides in northern California.